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Woven Tale Press feature article on Dave Channon Oct 1, 2015


Mrs. Ladybug" by Dave Channon oil on Canvas

      Birds of steel and bugs of oil on canvas. Not your bedtime story about sex. A brutal, clashing, life and death vision of the world's greatest menace. Dave Channon's oil paintings and steel sculptures will open your eyes while you cringe in terror, yet too fascinated not to peek. How does he maintain his larking sense of humor knowing what he knows? What is his secret supernatural aerial perspective that can lift us all high above the trivial cares and woes of seven billion teeming human beings? Learn about the surprise test Joseph Cornell sprang on him when he was a teenager, and why it makes every answer obvious.
      The steel sculptures are 100% recycled scrap, yet potently infused with animation, personality, attitude, and jokes you can get without thinking. They display a more convincing evidence of life than any martian rock investigated so far. But arc welding is just another collage technique to Channon, look at his paintings for further proof. The optical delusions make sense only if all dimensions are collapsable, telescoping, and coming into an impossible simultaneous sharp focus. His fascination with, and intuitive grasp of wildlife powers a body of work that challenges the space at Limner Gallery, giving you gut vertigo that parallels the telegraphed war of insect, human and animal on the battlefield of our built environment. Yet despite the urgency of the crisis conveyed, you are likely to covet these painted and welded objects. Perhaps as a totem of protection- or an alternative to the eye-pods.
      Come to the opening on Saturday, December 7 from 5-7PM, and enjoy the Hudson “Winter Walk” festival while you are in town – A community wide holiday celebration featuring musicians, dancers, costumed charades, horse-drawn wagon rides, live reindeer and mini horses, carolers, Santa parade, performers on street in windows and food vendors.

LIMNER GALLERY 123 Warren Street Hudson, NY
Regular Gallery Hours: Thurs - Sat 12-5 Sunday 12-4 518-828-2343

Contact the artist directly:  Dave Channon (845) 688-2977


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