The Studio of Dave Channon


The Intersections series deals with global environment issues drawn in sharp contrast to exquisite extremes of natural creation. Some of the creatures portrayed are invasive and destructive. Earlier painting examples are themselves part of developed series themes.



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Intersections series: 2010-2011

Asian Longhorn Beetle 2011


Lantern Bug  2010

Emerald Ash Borer 2010

Luna Moth  2010

Lucky Cloverleaf  2010

Gypsy Moth 2009

Recent paintings 2009 - 2010

Hurricane 2010

Kraken the Atom 2010

Dawn of Time 2009

Mallville 2009


Obama Tomato Garden

The Good Life

Selected earlier works






La Perla

Whale and Turtle



My Dragons

Bagman (detail)

Sea Worm       


El Nino


Shuttle Cube

Shuttle Fleet

Studio (detail)

Earth Water Air Fire

We Tree